Video Testimonial - "Why Work With Cathy?"

"Cathy's work enabled me to experience a renewed sense of confidence and hope. Working with Cathy not only improved my health but also decreased my level of anxiety and replaced it with a sureness of things getting better.. We also worked on developing insights that helped me to jump-start a new career. I now feel stronger, calmer and more positive about my future, and will carry the healing into my new job so that I will be successful in making a positive impact."

- M B.

"Cathy's unique approach using the ThetaHealing technique was unlike any counseling/coaching/healing I'd participated in before.  Starting with the first session, I experienced relief from past life experiences and limiting beliefs. I felt more free and calm which allowed me to open up and create space in my life and business for more success."

- C E.

"Cathy is highly intuitive, empathetic, and educated in her craft of ThetaHealing. She was able to get to the raw aspects, the deepest and most vulnerable parts that were negatively affecting the way I was choosing to live. "

- M. S.



"In just one session I immediately felt better and more calm. Cathy is extremely intuitive and gave me kind, clear, non-judgmental guidance to heal my 'story'."

- S. W.

"After participating in Cathy’s Life Path Series, I am now open and ready to fully engage in my business, new clients and opportunities are showing up and it feels like the possibilities are limitless! "

- C. A.


"Through completing The Life Path Series with Cathy, I have experienced a great deal more peace in my day to day life, my thoughts and communications are clearer, and the emotional charge that I carried with certain issues have all dissolved. "

- K. H.

"Cathy is clearly connected to Source energy, Her healing energy is potent and  powerful. When working with Cathy I always feel safe and loved. I completely trust I'm in great hands.” 

- Rochelle Stanley, Master ThetaHealer, Kauai, HI