1-on-1 Sessions


1-on-1 Thetahealing sessions are for you if you are ready to shift what's going on in your life, and live with greater ease.  Together we can identify and resolve issues blocking you from creating the joyful, abundant, and healthy life you are meant to live.

  • Relationships: work, family, friends, or how to you relate to yourself 

  • Parent/child relationships

  • Becoming a more versatile leader or facilitator 

  • Making peace with your past relationships

  • Resolving genetic/ancestral beliefs

  • Clearing emotions or beliefs held in the body

  • Envisioning and manifesting

Read the FAQ if you'd like to learn more, or book a complimentary call.

Spiritual Counseling


"Cathy is highly intuitive, empathetic, and educated in her craft of ThetaHealing. She was able to get to the raw aspects, the deepest and most vulnerable parts that were negatively affecting the way I was choosing to live."

- Melanie S.



"In just one session I immediately felt better and more calm. Cathy is extremely intuitive and gave me kind, clear, non-judgmental guidance to heal my 'story'."

- Shannon W.

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