Energy Tuneup

If you're feeling like you don't want to spend an hour digging into belief work, come in for a Spiritual energy tuneup.


In about 15 minutes, we can run some yummy energy attunements that might help you skip that morning coffee run!


1 on 1 Session

1 on 1 sessions are for you if you are ready to shift what's going on in your life, and live with greater ease.

Together we can identify and resolve issues blocking you from creating the joyful, abundant, and healthy life you are meant to live.

  • Relationships: Work, family, friends, or how to you relate to yourself 

  • Parent/child relationships

  • Becoming a more versatile leader or facilitator 

  • Making peace with your past relationships

  • Resolving genetic/ancestral beliefs

  • Clearing emotions or beliefs held in the body

  • Envisioning and manifesting


Life Path Series

Achieve Success in Business and Life

Are you ready to release what may be holding you back from achieving your dreams?


Do you want to release worry, self-doubt, and blocks to your success?


The Life Path series removes specific limiting beliefs and instills hundreds of feelings to enable you to achieve greater success in life and business. It is based on a powerful ThetaHealing course called Game of Life, designed by a successful businessperson named Hiro Miyazaki.

In each Life Path session we will cover one of these topics in depth:

  • Free yourself from obligations to your parents

  • Release traumas & heal past relationships

  • Get accepted by society

  • Handle peer pressure

  • Receive infinite abundance

  • Get excited and ready to succeed

  • Vision and manifest

Book as individual sessions, or get a special discount on the 10-session series.


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