Achieve Success in Business and Life


Are you ready to release what may be holding you back from achieving your dreams?


Do you want to release worry, self-doubt, and blocks to your success?


The Life Path Series removes specific limiting beliefs and instills hundreds of feelings to enable you to achieve greater success in your business and life. It is based on a powerful ThetaHealing® course called Game of Life, designed by a successful businessperson named Hiro Miyazaki.

In each Life Path session we will cover one of these topics in depth:

  • Free yourself from obligations to your parents

  • Release traumas & heal past relationships

  • Get accepted by society

  • Handle peer pressure

  • Receive infinite abundance

  • Get excited and ready to succeed

  • Vision and manifest

Book as individual sessions, or get a special discount on the series.

Life Path Series



"After participating in Cathy’s Life Path Series, I am now open and ready to fully engage in my business, new clients and opportunities are showing up and it feels like the possibilities are limitless! "

- C. A.


"Through completing The Life Path Series with Cathy, I have experienced a great deal more peace in my day to day life, my thoughts and communications are clearer, and the emotional charge that I carried with certain issues have all dissolved. "

- K. H.

"The structure of the program really forced me to face even the hardest parts head on and Cathy really helped me dig deep to uncover where some of my obstacles were coming from, then used ThetaHealing techniques to clear those roadblocks and re-set my belief systems. I felt really safe, secure, and held as Cathy used this powerful combination of tools to carry me through the program and deliver me to the other side. It was dynamite and I'm so glad I chose to invest in this program."

- C. O.