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Below are the answers to some commonly asked questions.  If you don't find the answer the your question(s) below, please contact me!

What happens in a ThetaHealing Session?

All kinds of stuff can happen in a session! But to start off, I’d say that ThetaHealing® is a technique that focuses on identifying what’s bugging you and where it came from.  Then shifting into a different reality. 

In my first ThetaHealing session, my practitioner asked me, “If there were one thing in your life you could change, what would it be?”
My response was something like, “I’d like to stop beating myself up all the time. I’d like that negative voice in my head quiet down.” 

And so the journey began. 


As children we spent the first six years of life in the Theta brain wave, recording our environment, learning how to understand language, how to walk and talk, and how to perceive ourselves. All inputs went straight to the subconscious mind.

So what if what we learned from our parents and caregivers were beliefs like, “You’ll never be as good as so and so,” or that “we’ll always be poor”? 

What if you never had unconditional love from your parents and caregivers? How do those beliefs shape your reality today? 

Would you like to know what it feels like to experience and accept unconditional love from others? These are some of the questions you might explore in a ThetaHealing session. 

When working with me in a session, we can go deep into old feelings, gently and with safety, to release subconscious thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve. With your permission, I connect with your energy field, and to what you define as God/Creator of All that Is/Universal Source energy.

If you're ready to let go of old or new emotional blocks and live a more present, joyful and free life, let's talk.  

What is muscle testing?

How do we know what beliefs are held in the subconscious? Through simple muscle testing. You just hold a two finger grip that I’ll try to pull apart. If it holds together strong, your body & subconscious say the answer is a yes. If it breaks easily your subconscious says it is a no.


This is not a grip strength challenge. Relax and let the testing be a tool to understand and gauge your beliefs. You might think you believe one thing, but your body knows what your subconscious believes.

How can we work together during COVID?

Since COVID, I have been offering online sessions exclusively. And we can still test for subconscious beliefs. The body knows its truth, and I can show you how to find it. My sessions now run over Zoom, and the healing benefits are just as powerful as if we are in person. In fact, my own Thetahealing mentor and I are thousands of miles apart and we meet regularly so I can continue my own healing. Location does not matter!

How do we clear and change beliefs?

We can find the virtues we gained from a negative experience or belief, claim those virtues, and let them go. Through connection to the Creator of all that is, I ask for the removal and healing of a negative belief, and for it to be replaced it with a positive counterpart. I witness the changes being instilled in you, and we muscle test again. Then I ask Creator to fill you back up with unconditional love so you leave a session feeling relieved, and relaxed.


Sometimes a full sleep cycle or two is necessary to fully integrate the changes. As your body and mind get used to this work, it gets faster and easier to identify and heal what’s going on.

Cathy Lemeshewsky

ThetaHealing Practitioner & Instructor