About Cathy


My name is Cathy and I am a lifelong spiritual seeker.

I've travelled the world, worked some interesting jobs in government, education, and high-tech, and have studied and practiced yoga in India, Japan, and in the United States. I am grateful for the life I’ve lived and the journeys I’ve taken.

Perhaps the greatest journey of my life has been the one I began in 2010, when I started receiving ThetaHealing® sessions.

Thetahealing is an energy healing modality that retuned multiple levels of my subconscious beliefs. 

I started learning how to let go some useless emotional baggage that I'd been dragging all around the world.


Working with a ThetaHealer brought me deep and lasting relief.

Relief from postpartum issues. A quieting of that critical inner voice. Releasing stress and grief as I cared for a terminally ill loved one. And healing of old childhood trauma. ThetaHealing helped me walk into and through those and other life journeys with greater ease.  

Although I was skeptical at first,

ThetaHealing has also helped me resolve some physical issues that were tied to old emotions and my experiences with people from my past. Healing those beliefs and feelings, and letting go of the experiences that caused me pain, improved my health. 


In 2011, I became certified in the ThetaHealing technique as a practitioner and am now a ThetaHealing instructor.

The more I studied and witnessed healings on myself, friends and family, the more I was called to serve more people with this work.

As your spiritual coach, I’ll guide you towards your truth in a safe and nurturing environment. 

I work with the divine intelligence of the universe, and the spiritual laws of Compassion and Truth to help you discover and remove limiting beliefs and emotions. 

Are you ready?

If you're ready to let go of old or new emotional blocks and live a more present, joyful and free life, let's talk.  

Cathy Lemeshewsky

ThetaHealing Practitioner & Instructor