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I offer individual coaching using the ThetaHealing® technique, which includes guided meditation, identifying emotional blocks, and instilling new feelings and beliefs into the subconscious. 

Some benefits of the ThetaHealing technique include: Emotional Relief, Physical Relief, Spiritual Expansion, and Business & Personal Success.

The Life Path Series

Are you ready to release what may be holding you back from achieving your dreams?  


The Life Path Series is designed to remove specific limiting beliefs and instills hundreds of feelings to enable you to achieve greater success in life and business.



Experience the benefits of learning the Thetahealing technique in-depth. Below are the three foundational courses I will be offering this year. 






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About Me

Hi, my name is Cathy.  I am a lifelong spiritual seeker who loves to travel, practice yoga, scuba dive, and spend quality time with my family.

In 2010 I discovered the ThetaHealing® technique and although I was skeptical, I have experienced lasting relief from working with a ThetaHealer® and want to bring that same relief into your life wherever it is needed.

My clients experience increased relief, joy, and success in both their personal and professional lives through our sessions together and their use of the ThetaHealing technique.

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